"I could not have been happier with the camp experience!"


"What a great way to promote the skill set that my
child will need in their future employment."


"Each day was more awesome than the day before!"


"Such a great experience for the whole family."

Young Hacks Academy is a summer camp for ages 6-14 that uses technology to develop real-world leadership skills. A blend of computer programming, problem-solving, and teamwork, YHA teaches kids to build cool video games about big challenges facing us on the local and global level.

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“I can’t recommend Young Hacks Academy highly enough! My son was interested in computer programming, but came away with so much more. The YHA environment is all about balance – not simply focusing on programming, but also engaging lateral thinking through riddles and missions; “unplugged” game time and outdoor activities; and maybe most important of all, bringing an awareness of global issues through a medium of fun and challenge.”

~ Sue S, Leicester, VT

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