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Agent Training

July 24-28, 2017

9-12 (Must turn 9 by 12-31-17)

Skill Level:


Mon-Fri 8:30-9AM

Mon-Fri 4-5PM



Agent Training (for Ages 9-12)
Whether it’s public speaking or collaborating with peers, YHA Agent Training models essential leadership techniques that will immediately help students in and out of the classroom. Agents tackle daily missions using Scratch, a user-friendly, visual programming tool that empowers students to quickly start developing their own video games and interactive stories. The challenge is to come up with a project that will not only entertain their friends, but also teach something about important topics that are impacting our local and global community.

Tuition includes:

  • Agent Kit (T-shirt, journal, and diploma)
  • 6:1 student-to-instructor ratio
  • Flexible hours for drop-off and pick-up

What your child will learn at YHA:

  • The core concepts of computer programming and video game design
  • How to build a technical journal
  • Strategies for efficient collaboration, critical thinking and problem-solving
  • Best practices for public speaking—ability to pitch and present work
  • Exploration of important local and global issues


“Seeing the kids present their work with confidence and new knowledge at the end of just one week solidified the excellence of the program.”
– Stefani H, Richmond

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