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About Young Hacks Academy

About Young Hacks AcademyNo matter how old we are, most of us engage with technology as consumers rather than as producers or designers. What if young people—Young Hacks—had the technical skills to take control of the technology and start creating their own games and digital media?

We founded Young Hacks Academy in 2013 to help kids develop important skills through a problem-based learning model that employs a variety of fun, energetic activities to promote collaboration and creative thinking. Whether your child is new to programming or an experienced coder, YHA will challenge her to think deeply, work in teams, and create video games about socially relevant topics.

Even if our kids don’t grow up to be computer programmers or engineers, a baseline technological literacy is essential for success in almost any 21st-century career.

The YHA Mission:

Encouraging young minds to “turn on” and see how they can become agents of change — future leaders and problem-solvers — through the creative use of technology.

“My son LOVED his time at YHA. He came home excited every afternoon and couldn’t wait to show us what he had been working on. He was proud of his work and eager to do more. We couldn’t have asked for a better camp experience!”
– Mary, Hanover, NH

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