"An amazing way to introduce programming
logic and skills to kids in a fun environment."


Learning how to code. Developing creative ideas as a team. Presenting work to others.

The goal of Young Hacks Academy isn’t simply to provide a fun week of summer camp, but also to give students meaningful skills and knowledge that they can take with them when the week ends. We aim to equip kids with a foundation in programming, and to instill a passion for creative problem solving and a commitment to service.

YHA offers summer programs for different age groups: (No programming experience is required!)

Agent Training (for Ages 9-12)
Whether it’s public speaking or collaborating with peers, YHA Agent Training models essential leadership techniques that will immediately help students in and out of the classroom. Agents tackle daily missions using Scratch, a user-friendly, visual programming tool that empowers students to quickly start developing their own video games and interactive stories. The challenge is to come up with a project that will not only entertain their friends, but also teach something about important topics that are impacting our local and global community.

Beta Masters (for Ages 12-15)
Imagine a small indie game studio that has 5 days to pitch, design and build a new video game. Following a real-world production cycle, YHA Beta Masters work in teams to develop an innovative game prototype from conception to completion. Campers will use the Stencyl game engine to take their computational learning to the next level, creating original graphics and bringing them to life with Haxe coding. The program culminates with a beta release party for friends and family.

***NEW for 2018: Internet of Things (Advanced session for Ages 12-15) & Team Elektra (Girls-only session for Ages 10-14)

What your child will learn at YHA:

  • The core concepts of computer programming and video game design
  • How to build a technical journal
  • Strategies for efficient collaboration, critical thinking and problem-solving
  • Best practices for public speaking—ability to pitch and present work
  • Exploration of important local and global issues

Unplugged Activities
It’s not all about computers, though. It’s summer, after all. As serious as we are about exploring technology, YHA is committed to having a good time away from the screen, too. In addition to programming time inside, campers will head outside for unplugged activities like treasure hunts, riddle relays, and chain tag.

“Young Hacks Academy gave my son way more than a few days spent learning computer programming. He came home every day with a smile on his face and the confidence that comes with new friends and a job well done. He felt like he had found his little place in the world! Thanks Young Hacks!”  – Dylan F, Barnet, VT

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