Typical Day at Young Hacks Academy

Badges are assigned. Agents are authorized to enter training.
9:00am-9:15amUnplugged Warm-up
Get the juices flowing with a warm-up game.
9:15am-9:30amMission Briefing
Before assigned a daily mission, agents must solve a riddle challenge.
9:30am-10:00amMission Exploration
Time to explore the local or global problem they’ll be working on.
10:00am-10:10amSnack Break (*Snack not included*)
Proceed to lab for individual and collaborative game development.
12:00pm-12:30pmLunch Break (*Lunch not included*)
Time to fuel up with brain food and drink.
12:30pm-1:30pmOutdoor Training
Agents are directed outside for fun, team-building games.
Return to the lab, recharged and back on task.
Mission accomplished. Share your findings with fellow agents.
Badges are collected and parents pick up agents.

“A great combination of activities for kids who love working on computers. This camp offers directed problem solving tasks as well as time to work on individual projects, a nice balance of unplugged and screen time, and individual and group projects. It is challenging enough for more experienced programmers and a nice intro for younger students.” – Vivian T, Montpelier, VT

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